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Game plan pictures

Well until I learn how this all works, please check out my gallery of photos. These are taken today at Kure Beach NC, walking along the shore and under/around the boardwalk. It was a stunningly beautiful day. Let me know what you think of the photos…black and white as well as color!!! Had a fantastic day…a much needed walk, much needed warmth, and a much needed workout for my camera!!!

Game plan for today!

With any luck, the next time anyone checks in to this blog site, my first round of photos will be posted. Not all of them, of course, just a few choice picks/pics…hahah no pun intended! Heading down to the waterfront or beach, depending on how traffic looks as I leave my cozy condo development to brave the big city of Wilmington. Each morning she greets me with the massive blast of vehicles heading in to town, the big kids all heading for work, and I immediately feel overwhelmed. I’m definitely a country girl, used to small roads whereas Wilmington has two lanes in either direction and a very unyielding group of drivers. Things slow as soon as the commute is over, things pick back up around noon and 3pm. Must admit I’m getting better at finding my place in this traffic, but there’s still that insecure country driver inside that on occasion is finding it intimidating. Ironically, I’ve lived in Las Vegas…found that traffic do-able. Lived in Hawaii where one mile is an hour commute…still do-able. and can find my way around Boston, though all my systems flash with blazing red lights…aggressive driving just isn’t for me.

But anyway, after that traffic rant I should be able to face the world. Waterfront or beach, here I come. Stay tuned for potentially a mini-traffic rant but amidst some nice photos. The pics will be an experimental post…I’m not a pro, not by any stretch, but am an avid picture taker and have many photographic memories to prove it. I will see if I can convince my boys to come along with me, include them in a stroll downtown, or along the beach. They just don’t love the beach like me, but it beats staying home, at least in my book. Not to mention, I want some new pictures of them…maybe if I hit the park with the paddle boats and kayaks, that’s an easier sell for them!

OK- time to grab the Nikon. And away we go!!!

Morning Humor

Each morning, I get up with the boys and drive them in to school. It’s been that way so long as they have been in school. We leave with about half an hour window, just in case. They normally get to school with 15-20 minutes to spare…it works for us, especially when I am working.

This morning, as I raised the garage door, I noticed that our new neighbors are having DISH TV installed, and the installation gentleman has just pulled up. He has chosen to park his van just off the very edge of my driveway. If I didn’t live at the end of a cul-de-sac in our condo development, and if I didn’t drive a Dodge Durango SUV, it probably would not be an issue. However, it’s an issue…but he has already begun unpacking his equipment and his materials to do the installation. Its a tight fit but, I’m talented, I can do this.

Should I move? He asks…Because I can back into that parking spot over there!
“I just need to get the boys to school, so sure you can back up.” I reply
“So, do you want me to move the van then?”
“I will need to get out of my driveway, yes.”
“Ok, so should I move my van?”
By this point, my true Maine sarcasm kicked in…”No, I guess you are all set. But hey thanks for asking. I’m sure I can get out.”

Jumped in the truck, and praying i didn’t show his bumper a little love, proceeded to squeeze out of my driveway, turn a tight three point turn, and maneuver my truck out to take the boys in. Phew, crisis avoided!

This is the best part…upon my return, he has the doors to the van thrown wide open, blocking half my driveway entrance, and since my son forgot his school ID, my plan is to run in, grab the school ID, and race back to drop it off for him so that he can have lunch today…ah the details of being the mother of a forgetful teenage son!

The gentleman pulls the doors on the van closed. When I get out of the Durango, he says to me, “Are you really from Maine?” I politely answer, “Yes, I was born and raised there…that is indeed where we moved here from.”

What I wanted to say: “No, actually, I visited Maine recently and while I was there, on a slow day, I popped in to DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles), stood in line for about an hour, told them I’m from North Carolina but want to buy some license plates and put them on my truck!” It reminded of the “Here’s your sign” monologue by Bill Engvall of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. It just made me laugh!!!

The gentleman did tell me, the DISH TV guy I mean, that his father is from Maine…up in the mountainous region (have you been to Maine…there’s many areas that can encompass) but by the town name I was able to decode the correct part of the state. I said, Have you been there? He replied, Yes, just once, and we got snowed in. I replied -Yes, that’s why I’m now in North Carolina. To which he replied – Welcome to the area!!!
So at the end of the morning…let me be clear! Nice guy, just trying to be friendly…but blocking my driveway, not a good thing. Yes, the plates from Maine are real. Put those two pieces together…I’m a Maine girl who drives a 4×4 Durango and knows how to use it … block my driveway at your own risk. I have excellent insurance!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Day One Follow Up

Its funny how each child has such a different day, a different social interaction, a different reaction to a new environment. My first question was “So, how was your first day?”
Robert-my youngest- “It was good Mom. I met the biggest kid in the school, just like I said I would. He’s cool shit! We played basketball together and he is amazing. Then I met this other kid who is from the back woods of North Carolina. He wants me to go logging and mudding with him, maybe this weekend. I’m not sure. And we have our own lunch…a secret club and I’m already part of it!” He’s bubbly, energetic, and enthusiastic about going back tomorrow.
Mike- my oldest- “It was ok Mom, but I didn’t make any friends. I’m the only white kid in two of my classes. And I had to eat lunch alone, at the far end of a table. And, they tried to give me homework…yeah, not doing it.” Not enthused about going back…ready to go back to Maine where his “true friends” are and where his heart is and will always be.
I see so much of myself in Mike, and so much of my sister in Robert. I was the oldest, more shy, less confident…Jen the younger, cuter, more popular and outgoing of the two of us. Mike’s story is probably how my first day of school here wouldve gone, although I’m definitely more social than he is…and Jen wouldve told me the same sort of story that Robert told me. It’s like that though, isn’t it? That the oldest is never quite the social butterfly the youngest is? Isn’t that the older child syndrome? And doesnt the oldest sometimes count on and need the skills of the younger?
I’m lucky that my boys are best friends and brothers…they run with the same kids, hang in the same circle, and have many of the same interests. Where Mike is strong, Robby is weak and vice versa…again, so much like me and Jen. It’s so funny to watch, and so familiar.
So Mom’s assessment of day one? I’m glad Robert felt successful as he is a freshman. Mike will get more comfortable in the next few days then bring out his social personality, with or without the “lunch club” his brother is a part of. They will pass in the hall, give each other a high five or the “nod” and continue their day. Robby and Mike will find friends that are part of both groups and integrate them into our Maine come to Wilmington life. Mom is pleased…feels it has real potential…and where it lacks, Mom will find ways to accommodate the pieces that are missing. Yup, I’m just that creative! LOL

Day One

Well having made our transition to Wilmington from Maine, it is officially day one of my boys attending their new high school. Coming from a 300 student high school, the new school of 1800 will be quite the transition, not to mention the culture shock of a truly diverse school. I’m excited for them and a bit nervous. I have no doubt they will be fine, but even at 15 and 17, I still have that super protective mom thing happening, wondering how their day will go, how they will adjust to a school so large, and whether in such a huge population they can hold their own.
The good news is they are in the same homeroom…and are on a four block day school schedule. This minimizes how many kids they will travel around the school with, and with any luck, really give them the opportunity to connect socially more quickly. And they are good looking boys, if I say so myself, with bright eyes and nice smiles, so that should definitely help their cause. If they come out of their shells they will be a big hit quickly…but, they’re smart, adapt quickly, and can read social cues quickly and efficiently!!
So that all being said…saying a prayer for my boys, wishing them luck and success this morning. Stay tuned for tonight’s follow up on day one!!


Over my years in staffing and recruiting, I’ve had a knack for knowing right away whether or not any given candidate can find a home with one of my clients. Likewise, if I felt that the person was better suited to seek employment elsewhere, I was honest and open with the person. I would make suggestions, encourage them to apply with companies even if they were not connected to my agency, and tell the person that I am happy to help when and where I can, even as a reference. I’m honest and open, direct and to the point. At the same time, I knew if a candidate was the right fit, and could often send someone right to a client site to interview…provide contact information, directions to the client site, and wish them well knowing in my heart that I had just begun a new career for that candidate.
My question, having interviewed in my new area, is why am I not extended this same courtesy? I’m not mad, I understand the process, I know the steps involved, but cmon…I just moved here, am the mother of two boys, know my skill set and how to sell it…if I’m not a fit, just say so! I’m a big girl, I can handle it!!
Part of me wonders if this is Karma somehow…having been on the other side of the desk so long, watching people fidget nervously as I casually asked questions. Did part of my mind slip into that mode of “Hey thanks for stopping by?” Did I come off as a jerk instead of as someone who genuinely wants to help people? And if I did…that makes me sad to think anyone ever got that impression from me. I don’t know…just frustrated…sorry to kind of rant. Here’s hoping that all the good I did will come back around and help me this time, somehow, anywhere, locally!
Thanks for listening!

Greetings and Salutations

Just a brief letter of introduction, written once and accidentally deleted somehow. However, I think I’ve got it this time! My goal, for 2012, is to hone my writing skills, get back on the horse so to speak. I will be consistently inconsistent, talk in circles, post photographs, get a little mouthy from time to time, but ultimately, be totally myself. That’s what I’m here for, after all, to get my heart and mind and lifestyle organized on some level, use the writing as an outlet and sounding board, and maybe, just maybe, discover the voice and skill set I feel I misplaced a while ago.
So I ask that you bear with me as I uncover my writing abilities, dust off what used to be a sparkling ability, travel around corners I haven’t been near for a while, and on occasion, do a little research to uncover some facts on topics I find interesting!
Thank you in advance, and welcome..I’m glad you are here!!

And the Journey begins!

Having written a brief piece about my intended goal, let me share what I have already learned. There is a large community out there that like me, decided this would be the year to begin and be dedicated to writing, something, every day. Secondly, there are some amazing articles, poems, and photographs on this site. Some of those photos left me speechless, others a bit homesick for Maine, and still more just wishing I was that talented. Same with the poetry.
However, what I like the most is that the people out there are a lot like me…writing for their own reasons, not necessarily interested in making money from this site and their writing, having an outlet to express themselves. Don’t get me wrong, if someone offers me a little cash or opportunity to further my writing, I’m totally onboard…LOL! But we’re all out here together, each finding our way through blogs and poems and articles and paintings and photographs. There’s something comforting about that!!