And the Journey begins!

Having written a brief piece about my intended goal, let me share what I have already learned. There is a large community out there that like me, decided this would be the year to begin and be dedicated to writing, something, every day. Secondly, there are some amazing articles, poems, and photographs on this site. Some of those photos left me speechless, others a bit homesick for Maine, and still more just wishing I was that talented. Same with the poetry.
However, what I like the most is that the people out there are a lot like me…writing for their own reasons, not necessarily interested in making money from this site and their writing, having an outlet to express themselves. Don’t get me wrong, if someone offers me a little cash or opportunity to further my writing, I’m totally onboard…LOL! But we’re all out here together, each finding our way through blogs and poems and articles and paintings and photographs. There’s something comforting about that!!


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