Day One Follow Up

Its funny how each child has such a different day, a different social interaction, a different reaction to a new environment. My first question was “So, how was your first day?”
Robert-my youngest- “It was good Mom. I met the biggest kid in the school, just like I said I would. He’s cool shit! We played basketball together and he is amazing. Then I met this other kid who is from the back woods of North Carolina. He wants me to go logging and mudding with him, maybe this weekend. I’m not sure. And we have our own lunch…a secret club and I’m already part of it!” He’s bubbly, energetic, and enthusiastic about going back tomorrow.
Mike- my oldest- “It was ok Mom, but I didn’t make any friends. I’m the only white kid in two of my classes. And I had to eat lunch alone, at the far end of a table. And, they tried to give me homework…yeah, not doing it.” Not enthused about going back…ready to go back to Maine where his “true friends” are and where his heart is and will always be.
I see so much of myself in Mike, and so much of my sister in Robert. I was the oldest, more shy, less confident…Jen the younger, cuter, more popular and outgoing of the two of us. Mike’s story is probably how my first day of school here wouldve gone, although I’m definitely more social than he is…and Jen wouldve told me the same sort of story that Robert told me. It’s like that though, isn’t it? That the oldest is never quite the social butterfly the youngest is? Isn’t that the older child syndrome? And doesnt the oldest sometimes count on and need the skills of the younger?
I’m lucky that my boys are best friends and brothers…they run with the same kids, hang in the same circle, and have many of the same interests. Where Mike is strong, Robby is weak and vice versa…again, so much like me and Jen. It’s so funny to watch, and so familiar.
So Mom’s assessment of day one? I’m glad Robert felt successful as he is a freshman. Mike will get more comfortable in the next few days then bring out his social personality, with or without the “lunch club” his brother is a part of. They will pass in the hall, give each other a high five or the “nod” and continue their day. Robby and Mike will find friends that are part of both groups and integrate them into our Maine come to Wilmington life. Mom is pleased…feels it has real potential…and where it lacks, Mom will find ways to accommodate the pieces that are missing. Yup, I’m just that creative! LOL

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