Day One

Well having made our transition to Wilmington from Maine, it is officially day one of my boys attending their new high school. Coming from a 300 student high school, the new school of 1800 will be quite the transition, not to mention the culture shock of a truly diverse school. I’m excited for them and a bit nervous. I have no doubt they will be fine, but even at 15 and 17, I still have that super protective mom thing happening, wondering how their day will go, how they will adjust to a school so large, and whether in such a huge population they can hold their own.
The good news is they are in the same homeroom…and are on a four block day school schedule. This minimizes how many kids they will travel around the school with, and with any luck, really give them the opportunity to connect socially more quickly. And they are good looking boys, if I say so myself, with bright eyes and nice smiles, so that should definitely help their cause. If they come out of their shells they will be a big hit quickly…but, they’re smart, adapt quickly, and can read social cues quickly and efficiently!!
So that all being said…saying a prayer for my boys, wishing them luck and success this morning. Stay tuned for tonight’s follow up on day one!!


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