Game plan for today!

With any luck, the next time anyone checks in to this blog site, my first round of photos will be posted. Not all of them, of course, just a few choice picks/pics…hahah no pun intended! Heading down to the waterfront or beach, depending on how traffic looks as I leave my cozy condo development to brave the big city of Wilmington. Each morning she greets me with the massive blast of vehicles heading in to town, the big kids all heading for work, and I immediately feel overwhelmed. I’m definitely a country girl, used to small roads whereas Wilmington has two lanes in either direction and a very unyielding group of drivers. Things slow as soon as the commute is over, things pick back up around noon and 3pm. Must admit I’m getting better at finding my place in this traffic, but there’s still that insecure country driver inside that on occasion is finding it intimidating. Ironically, I’ve lived in Las Vegas…found that traffic do-able. Lived in Hawaii where one mile is an hour commute…still do-able. and can find my way around Boston, though all my systems flash with blazing red lights…aggressive driving just isn’t for me.

But anyway, after that traffic rant I should be able to face the world. Waterfront or beach, here I come. Stay tuned for potentially a mini-traffic rant but amidst some nice photos. The pics will be an experimental post…I’m not a pro, not by any stretch, but am an avid picture taker and have many photographic memories to prove it. I will see if I can convince my boys to come along with me, include them in a stroll downtown, or along the beach. They just don’t love the beach like me, but it beats staying home, at least in my book. Not to mention, I want some new pictures of them…maybe if I hit the park with the paddle boats and kayaks, that’s an easier sell for them!

OK- time to grab the Nikon. And away we go!!!

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