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Another Day…the small things!

Another Saturday, sitting at my desk at work, waiting for the last half hour to wind down, and imagining all the chores I still have ahead of me when I get home this afternoon. Ironically, I see the challenge of completing those tasks as a breath of fresh air, having had the flu and being useless for three days, knowing I can climb back up on the horse and get this all done excites me. Who would’ve imagined, housekeeping such an adventure, but it will be nonetheless.
And what does this fabulous adventure entail? Well let me tell ya…vacuuming, Febreeze, dishes, laundry, airing out the house, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and mopping the floors! Time to get the flu bug out of my house by any and all means necessary! ( She says through a throaty cough…) Sip of water…cough drop…better now! Moving on…washing all the bedding, and using Lysol to get the bugs out. That’s a big list now that I look at it…not to mention my husband works nights so that will definitely put a damper on getting to my room for all this stuff…probably should dust, at least a little!
The best part of my day, when its all said and done will be making shepard’s pie…man, I could live on this I sometimes think. And unlike some, I don’t put gravy in it…my friends think I’m weird for that, but they don’t complain when that steaming plate is put in front of them, or as the warm bread is passed around the table. All I hear is silence as they indulge in a warm and comforting meal…that’s the way it should be I believe…and luckily for me, our table is quiet but friendly and appreciative!
And as for the flu, I wish you well. It’s been a joy having you stop by to visit, but like the garbage, you’re stinkin’ up the joint so it’s time for you to be moving along. Soon I will shake the raspy cough and your final hold over me and my house will be gone…you’ll be meeting my close friend Lysol today…she’s super powerful, a strong woman with a fierce kick! I know how you like taking on a good challenge…should be one hell of a match! LOL
It’s the small things though…seeing my house just that much cleaner, feeling the breeze blow through the windows, smelling the fresh scents of soaps and clean wafting around, the warm laundry being hung up and tucked away in drawers, and the smiles I will get from my boys when I tell them we are having shepard’s pie for dinner. Yes, it promises to be a good afternoon…busy and productive but good, allowing for a simple Sunday at home tomorrow with chores completed. A good book maybe or movie…or if its nice, maybe a nice walk along the riverwalk or beach. Maybe a photo day…just a lazy drive camera in hand…

Which is more immovable…me or the wall?

Have you ever had one of those days, that starts off somewhat positive and by lunch time, you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? And then, not just hitting the wall but analyzing the wall, asking yourself questions about the wall, and wondering which is more immovable…you or the wall?

I’m not one much for difficult situations or confrontations, but since my wall is human, I’m thinking some level of confrontation may be around the next bend. I never know when or why its coming, but the wall is manifesting itself with definite solidity and form. In its world, it is becoming the eternal victim…the wall is becoming unbalanced and often leaning one way or another…it doesnt hold its shape or form…weakened corners and edges become rounded and in some cases, jagged…and the more jagged the edge, the harder it is becoming to avoid it.

The irony is that the wall is weak, crumbling a millimeter at a time…a piece of mortar here, slight chip of a brick there. The trees that once surrounded the glorious wall seem to have pulled back, pulled back their branches, and no longer chance those jagged edges. Animals that played and scampered along the wall now shiver should they walk into it accidentally or get too close.

I love the wall…have loved the wall for over 20 years. I don’t know how to fix it though, and my masonry skills are not what they used to be, neither is my patience for that level of maintenance. At one point, the wall helped heal me…and in healing me, the wall looked whole again and happy. Now it just looks sad, broken, crumbling, disappointed, discouraged, heartbroken…repair has been offered, yet it chooses this existence. I dont know what to do with that.

SO…which is more immovable? In this case I have to say the wall. I am flexible and adapt quickly, I leap with faith and I love landing in warm sand and sunshine. Right now I am strong…my spirit is strong…my will is strong…I will not break or crumble, not even for my beloved wall’s sake.


Today I woke up to my freshly cleaned house…living room in order, dishes done, my room cleaned and vacuumed, the scent of Febreeze still lingering from last night’s late night cleaning bender. I sat in quiet, in my favorite chair, just relaxing and enjoying the quiet of my house. I grab my latest book and begin reading, interrupted shortly thereafter by my youngest son, who at 15 still pads down the staircase much like when he was little. “Im hungry” he tells me…”Cinnamon rolls in the freezer. Wanna cook?” I ask him. together we prepare the rolls to be placed in the oven, and I feel a wave of happiness, him standing next to me in the kitchen, and wait 30 minutes for our rolls to cook while watching a movie together. It used to be our Sunday ritual which has given way to the erratic sleep patterns of him being a teenager.
The rolls being done, I lay the knife near the pan to which he says, “I want the knife, its covered with the frosting.” So big yet so little in so many ways. My heart is happy to have these quiet few moments with my son. The sappy mother who adores her boys is glowing through my heart, I can feel the happiness all over. I remember the same little boy, toddling down in ducky feet pajamas, looking for his cinnamon toast or toast with honey on Sunday mornings…looking for a silly movie or watching the Power Rangers, just us, sharing a morning. I’m happy…my heart is happy…and the cinnamon rolls were fantastic though a bit sweet for me! A good morning in my house…smiling.

Time to write

Its time to write again, and I’m not talking about my blog ironically enough. For the last month, I’ve sent out about 10 postcards per week, mostly to family and some to close friends. However, with the new work schedule and still trying to get my brain wrapped around my new change, I’ve slacked a bit on writing. And no doubt, my regular receivers of postcards are a bit disappointed that beautiful NC landscape or ocean view has not graced their mailbox this week.
My friends here laugh that I send postcards…the ultimate tourist, that’s me! But its not the point of being a tourist, or buying something small and simple, but the words I can write and the personalized message I send to each person. Sometimes my messages are just simple, but always end with “Love and miss you” and who doesn’t love receiving that message. And my smiley face of course, my trademark signature since I was in college…
That all being said, it’s time to close the computer and break out my pretty postcards and colored pens, choose my people from my address book, and break out my stamps.

Another Super Bowl

And here we are, yet again…counting down the last few hours until the Super Bowl begins. My heart is still home in New England, sitting down to snack and share margaritas with friends, putting on my Pats jersey and praying that Tom Brady doesn’t throw away too many today. Hoping that all the receivers are on their game, came ready to play, and that defense is prepared to really bend but not break. Come on Pats…

Chicken wings are done, pregame is on, and all I can think is that I have to stay sitting upright during the game because after a late night last night, and getting up early, relaxing too much would mean passing out before half time. And God knows, I can’t miss seeing Madonna…the never aging bombshell of my generation. Not to mention the Cirque performance…and nonstop feedback from my husband who will stir himself into a tizzy if the Pats go into the tunnel at half time down even a point. So…stay awake and alert, got it…stay upright and not fully relaxed but not overly stressed.

My boys, they are the smart ones. Napping now so that they make it through the game…they watch as Pats fans but more importantly, for the new commercials. My avid little consumers, looking for the next big product that will soon be a must have in the Bentz family household. I should have followed their lead I think!!!

I’m checkin out now, ready to finish a few more snacks, make sure that all chores are done so that attention is on the game. Praying to the football gods that the Pats brought their A-game today. No unnecessary turnovers…no bad passes, and please please no interceptions!! 😛

The New Adventure

Well it’s been a few days since I have written or posted pics, and I’m disappointed in myself about that. But on the plus side, I got a new job…thank goodness because I honestly NEVER thought that was going to happen. Having moved just over 7 weeks ago, I was feeling discouraged by a lack of response to my resume. But in today’s world, not having Quickbooks is a huge liability…fortunately, my new boss was willing to forego that lack of knowledge and trust that my ability to learn it is there! Imagine that…that all my years experience actually matter even without Quickbooks! Needless to say, I’m now exploring a new option, working more in customer service in a computer store in Wilmington.

Your Computer Friends,, is a small business specializing in all aspects of computer repair and most recently, providing file backup. Yes, this is the sales pitch and I expect Wilmington to stop in and visit!! File backup…ever lost a document, picture, program, etc when a virus wipes you out or when a hard drive crashes? Here is a fantastic solution…for $4.50 residential or $23.00 business, per month…its a great program and we are a partner in this excellent program. Likewise, you never know when you may drop your laptop, accidentally spill water on it, or even get in an accident where the computer incurs damages. Back it up…I’m tellin’ ya, its an excellent option and totally affordable! So cmon down for a visit, say hi, make some new friends in Wilmington. You won’t be disappointed!!

OK- that’s my pitch now back to me! LOL