Another Super Bowl

And here we are, yet again…counting down the last few hours until the Super Bowl begins. My heart is still home in New England, sitting down to snack and share margaritas with friends, putting on my Pats jersey and praying that Tom Brady doesn’t throw away too many today. Hoping that all the receivers are on their game, came ready to play, and that defense is prepared to really bend but not break. Come on Pats…

Chicken wings are done, pregame is on, and all I can think is that I have to stay sitting upright during the game because after a late night last night, and getting up early, relaxing too much would mean passing out before half time. And God knows, I can’t miss seeing Madonna…the never aging bombshell of my generation. Not to mention the Cirque performance…and nonstop feedback from my husband who will stir himself into a tizzy if the Pats go into the tunnel at half time down even a point. So…stay awake and alert, got it…stay upright and not fully relaxed but not overly stressed.

My boys, they are the smart ones. Napping now so that they make it through the game…they watch as Pats fans but more importantly, for the new commercials. My avid little consumers, looking for the next big product that will soon be a must have in the Bentz family household. I should have followed their lead I think!!!

I’m checkin out now, ready to finish a few more snacks, make sure that all chores are done so that attention is on the game. Praying to the football gods that the Pats brought their A-game today. No unnecessary turnovers…no bad passes, and please please no interceptions!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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