Another Day…the small things!

Another Saturday, sitting at my desk at work, waiting for the last half hour to wind down, and imagining all the chores I still have ahead of me when I get home this afternoon. Ironically, I see the challenge of completing those tasks as a breath of fresh air, having had the flu and being useless for three days, knowing I can climb back up on the horse and get this all done excites me. Who would’ve imagined, housekeeping such an adventure, but it will be nonetheless.
And what does this fabulous adventure entail? Well let me tell ya…vacuuming, Febreeze, dishes, laundry, airing out the house, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and mopping the floors! Time to get the flu bug out of my house by any and all means necessary! ( She says through a throaty cough…) Sip of water…cough drop…better now! Moving on…washing all the bedding, and using Lysol to get the bugs out. That’s a big list now that I look at it…not to mention my husband works nights so that will definitely put a damper on getting to my room for all this stuff…probably should dust, at least a little!
The best part of my day, when its all said and done will be making shepard’s pie…man, I could live on this I sometimes think. And unlike some, I don’t put gravy in it…my friends think I’m weird for that, but they don’t complain when that steaming plate is put in front of them, or as the warm bread is passed around the table. All I hear is silence as they indulge in a warm and comforting meal…that’s the way it should be I believe…and luckily for me, our table is quiet but friendly and appreciative!
And as for the flu, I wish you well. It’s been a joy having you stop by to visit, but like the garbage, you’re stinkin’ up the joint so it’s time for you to be moving along. Soon I will shake the raspy cough and your final hold over me and my house will be gone…you’ll be meeting my close friend Lysol today…she’s super powerful, a strong woman with a fierce kick! I know how you like taking on a good challenge…should be one hell of a match! LOL
It’s the small things though…seeing my house just that much cleaner, feeling the breeze blow through the windows, smelling the fresh scents of soaps and clean wafting around, the warm laundry being hung up and tucked away in drawers, and the smiles I will get from my boys when I tell them we are having shepard’s pie for dinner. Yes, it promises to be a good afternoon…busy and productive but good, allowing for a simple Sunday at home tomorrow with chores completed. A good book maybe or movie…or if its nice, maybe a nice walk along the riverwalk or beach. Maybe a photo day…just a lazy drive camera in hand…

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