A fantastic Opportunity

Hey there regular readers, I apologize that its been a stretch since I just sat down and wrote. But I’m writing with stunning and thrilling news that I am overly excited about. You all will notice that a second blog has been added to my site: bentzonwilmington.Ā  that is the new link which will go public as part of a travel site here in Wilmington, NC…stories, articles, travel information, rules/ laws/ bylaws, and pictures! I begin my new adventure this week…not only having the opportunity to log my adventure but also to be paid for being a tourist. My gosh, does it get any better than that? It’s a new social site here in our town…and I’m meeting with the creative team tomorrow. Again, so very excited…there aren’t even words to describe the excitement I’m feeling. I have many questions for the creative team, find out the perameters, expectations, etc. I made it over the first hurdle…being selected. Now, I meet with the team to discuss how to officially do this!

A small check will support my local adventures…my own hours, my own schedule, following my heart along the beaches, walking amidst the nature trails, biking through our beautiful parks, and networking to learn more about the city from locals, and providing information for our city visitors! So excited…SO EXCITED!! Feel free to critique and tell me what you think…and on occasion, if applicable, take a poll that I’m hoping to post!!!

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