I think its time…

I’m feeling the need to go out on my own, start something new, and create a business I’m really into. Now, that being said, my interests are writing, photography, reading, cooking, and hanging out at the beach. Ideally, that would be a beachside bookstore featuring every book imaginable, my own photos framed and displayed, and of course, a mini grill and cooler of goodies. In the scheme of things, maybe down the road that will come to pass.  In the meantime, I need to start small, maybe do some online selling and see what kind of response I get, what types of items sell and which don’t, and how efficient I am at marketing, sales, and order fulfillment. Do I think I can do this? Of course…

I’m looking for any tips, advice, or thoughts on the matter. Anyone maybe who has done this type of online selling…best sites, good pay site options, and please don’t bombard me with ads or such. I’m just looking for some input. I’ve done some research and really want to get this up and running soon. I have a good plan of action, a friend who is an accountant and willing to help me get a business plan in action, and plenty of books to start off selling with. 

I have strategies for buying more books and likewise, want to donate some of what I earn to a local charity…a literacy council. Why not have a bookstore that supports local literacy…goes hand in hand in my mind. 

So anyway, that’s just me thinking aloud. Like I said, thoughts welcome! And if you’re looking for any books in particular, let me know! LOL


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