Monthly Archives: May 2012


Memorial Day Weekend…so many thoughts rush through my mind, make my knees weak imagining the families remembering veterans or missing folks overseas, the families knowing their son or daughter is in a foreign land as summer approaches, kids get out of school, and normal moments spent together will be spent separately. 

I think of friends and uncles who served, luckily for me all of whom made it home safely. I think of my grandfather’s brother injured when Pearl Harbor was bombed, the stories I heard about my great grandmother wailing her son’s name long after his soul had joined others in heaven. 

I especially miss being close to home with the family I love so much, the people who make me smile, cause my heart to sing and share intimate moments with; the people who have touched my life in ways that leave me speechless and thankful. 

To all the Veteran’s I extend my sincerest thanks and respect…for current past and future veterans alike. Your bravery courage and valor are commended.