Get the show on the road!

It’s time for me to put up or shut up is what I have decided…good lord, what does that even mean? It means, this blog is supposed to support my life in Wilmington, with stories and photos and interesting people I meet. It should incorporate not only the local sites but some out of the way places.  That being said…I’m going to start going through all of my photos…and will truly begin the type of posting as was my intended goal. I will revive my passion for this town and seriously write myself back into my life here in Wilmington.  Sorry…that was a bit of a rant and I try not to do that publicly.

So that’s the heart of the matter…putting my heart back into my writing and photography. I’ve been lacking a bit as of late, caught up in the constant day to day drama. Yes, drama…we all have a touch of it here and there, but its been pouring buckets at my house lately, from personal issues to a flat tire to, highlight of my week, potentially having to replace the metal on metal brakes in my truck. I seriously need to find a mechanic…maybe I can trade some of my office skills for the labor costs on my truck…ya never know, it could work!

But in the throws of my worry, I’ve let myself wander from a few of the things I love most in this life…I’m average I would say, at writing and photography, but just the same, the joy I get from both far outweighs my mediocrity in these departments.  I believe the writing is a strong outlet for various things and the photography, well, there’s something to be said for the beautiful beaches, the stunning flowers, the colors of nature, the imprint of a small foot on the beach, a gathering of seagulls, the sandpipers along the shore, the turtles warming themselves on a log, and my most favorite image, the smiles of my boys even when they think I’m just a big ole dork for taking their pictures!!

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