Get this show on the road part 2

I had written this a while ago on my personal blog but it seems a good way to get things started, as a followup to my most recent post…

I had decided last night, or rather yesterday afternoon, that when I got home I would not be sitting home and watching tv as my husband who works night shift, dozed and snored on the living room floor! I had not been out with my camera in hand for a while, and had to take advantage of the sunny weather and tourist free but still busy flow of traffic. It was my turn to get out, let my hair lash wildly around my face, and tour the shores of Carolina Beach.

I had the pleasant opportunity to stroll the boardwalk end of the beach, where there is mini-golf in the warmer season…a pizza shop…tattoo parlor of course, I mean what beach isn’t complete without a tattoo parlor…large hotels, and within walking distance of the marina, boat tours, and a few choice restaurants.  It was lovely…and as the black clouds rolled in, I wanted to climb into the lifeguard chair, wrap up in a blanket, aim my camera at the approaching clouds, and roll out some kind of time lapse photography though I’m pretty sure I don’t have that option other than moving sports photos! I’m betting I could capture some serious lightning that way though…that gives me a Hmmm kind of moment!

I headed back to my truck though, totally not prepared to brave a storm. No hot chocolate and no blanket, and certainly no protection from the increasing wind. But my goodness, it felt amazing to escape my house and reconnect with nature. The sand was cool and soft..the surf loud and pounding…surfers braving the larger waves dressed in black wet suits, boards ready for the perfect crest…families and kids strolling the beach, some playing a badminton type game, others just strolling. The cool breeze and pending clouds were just what I needed.

Upon approaching my truck, a local gent said a quick hello…another passing smile as he headed towards one of my favorite Mexican restaurant. A local smile in what is still a foreign place to me is always such a nice surprise.


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