Twenty somethings….

I first have to remember when I’m frustrated at work that he’s a twenty something…the rage is being subdued only by his ability to seemingly be professional. In fact, the rage jumps out onto the page in bold bright flashing neon colors, sprays everything and everyone in its wake, and makes a mess of all but him! From the back of the storm, the attitude permeates the room…the attitude seems angry and frustrated and irritated and short tempered and out of control…and that to me is the heart of it all. It would seem to me, now that I’m older and can let such behaviors roll off my back that some element of his life is out of control and combined with a deep cough and cold, comes blasting into our office, the one element where he is in charge of his world and feels his demands can and will be met. 

Its sad though because the good days are VERY good but the last week has become unbearable. I was hoping the weekend would help but it seems only to have stoked that fire and sent it raging out of control back into the office. I’m not judging him, just realizing that this is not the most ideal place, a small 4 person operation, for the heat to be so high…I make less money than he does and don’t treat him in this manner so why is it allowed for him to be this way to us. I was even warned during my interview that when the fire is raging, it won’t be smothered or put out or subdued but rather ALLOWED. Allowed…why and who the hell puts up with that? 

Either way, I have 32 minutes until the end of my shift…tomorrow I will return refreshed and ready to go. I have my own fires to put, my own messes to manage, and they don’t come with me to work…though I’ve been known to go off on a sarcastic rant which ends in delirious laughter from time to time here at work. But people don’t skirt me in those moments, they crack jokes along with me, throw in their own phrases and ideas. A huge difference…so that being said, maybe it’s because I’m 40 that the twenty something can get under my skin. I’m a mother to two teenage boys, I know how to handle attitude…but there’s a difference between tolerance and acceptance, of knowing when to stop and going too far, of dealing with and coping vs. raging and blasting. Am I wrong to think the workplace is no place for this type of behavior??


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