Carolina Beach, a little info during a stroll

I did it, broke out of the norm of watching Wheel of Fortune followed by Jeopardy and then whatever comes on at 8pm…I didn’t go to FB or check email…I convinced both boys to go with me to the beach. They are not quite as fond of that as I am but, it was still nice to have them strolling, laughing and repeatedly saying “Hey Mom, I found more coral, just in case you’re wondering.” Mind you, when I say boys, they are 16 and 18 but I won’t ever outgrow seeing them as my boys, regardless of how old they ever get.

And after a few staged “my big boys” photos for friends and family, I snuck in a few candid shots.

These pictures were taken on Carolina Beach, home to fireworks, a boardwalk, a fabulous bar called Hurricane Alleys, a seasonal carnival, and miles of white coast. The beach is very crowded this time of year, but everyone gives each other plenty of space. Several hotels dot the shoreline right on down into Kure Beach. Carolina Beach is about 5 miles from the Myrtle Grove/Monkey Junction end of Wilmington…located conveniently 5 miles from my home. After crossing the Intercoastal Waterway, a stunning view from the bridge, a traveler is surrounded on both sides by various stores and beachy looking retail stores…of course, for those enjoying a delinquent moment an ABC is up on the left heading into Carolina Beach.  Just sayin…a margarita is fabulous while relaxing in the sun with a good book!

Carolina Beach is also home to Britt’s Donuts, a famous and fabulous doughnut making facility…its small and homey, and at ninety cents per doughnut a totally fabulous deal. There is the arcade right across from Britt’s, ice cream and candy, a fudge store, more beach stores and most importantly the beach. For the family with kids of varying age, this is the boardwalk, where kids of all ages are satisfied. It’s very affordable!

Should you opt to drive through Carolina Beach, you will next reach Kure Beach…much less populated and crowded than Carolina Beach. And further yet, you arrive at Fort Fisher and the aquarium. We haven’t made it there yet but definitely hope to visit. And just past the fort and aquarium is the ferry landing…from what I understand, riding the ferry is the best $5 you will spend visiting this part of town. This is the ferry that travels to Southport…be timely if you plan to take your vehicle with you, but if you’re just riding, the wait will be much shorter!

And I almost forgot Freeman’s Park…drop your vehicle into four wheel drive and cruise out onto the inlet at this end of Carolina Beach. It’s a Daytona Beach style beach party…from casual families to party zones to fishing spots. Avid fishermen, including one of our friends, swears by this beach for fishing. Bring your rod and reel, some bait, and look forward to some fresh fish for dinner.

As someone who lives close to Carolina Beach, I’ve heard rumors both favoring and discouraging this part of town. Being a country bumpkin, I like the local feel of this beach, its proximity makes it very nice. At the end of the day, the beach is a good getaway. Parking is affordable, services provided cover all your basic needs, there are some great restaurants and a local bookstore called Island Books if you forgot your favorite novel. This beach town is a great area with something for all…you won’t be disappointed by any of the local vendors, the sights and sounds of the ocean, or the day/vacation your family might share in our great area of Wilmington!

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