Noah…I need a ride!

In the throws of these torrents of rain, which as I understand it are mild in comparison, I thought it would be time to reach out with a little sillyness.

Dear Noah,

A few weeks ago I had built an ark, and sadly, it is docked at another location. That being said, I’ve debated paddle treads for my Durango, but am not sure I have that kind of time. That being said, I’ve braved the rain to gas up and grab a soda…I mean, this could be it for caffeine for me for a while! And since I don’t want to swim home…I thought I’d reach out for a ride home on the ark. While I would love to bring my Durango, and since D has to work tonight it would be nice to have it, but I also understand that in an ark full of each animal, you may or may not have room. I’m loving the south, the raging storms and blasts of thunder and lightning though I must admit, since I didn’t bring floaties or install a paddle wheel on the back of the truck, I’m really hoping that catching a ride is an option! Let me know when you have a moment…




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