Moving forward

In an effort to get back to what makes me happy, I’ve combined my kathylynnbentz and bentzonwilmington blogs into one, renamed A Maine Mama’s Mind! Everything I have written and posted is now posted here, including pics. The goal, moving forward, is to consistently write and post photos, get back to sharing myself with whomever is listening and reading.

Writing is something I miss on a daily basis. I spend much time lately wishing I had the talent and moreover, the courage to sit down and write. I read books all the time…various authors with so very many styles of writing. I admire the determination and direction that writing requires, the brute dedication to one story with rewrites and edits until the task is finished to perfection. So many of them say to write what you know…and while I possess a strong knowledge in various fields, I find myself constantly questioning “But who wants to listen? Who cares what you have to say?” Man, I’m my own worst critic! Maybe getting back here will let me find the voice I was once so confident in.

So, if you’re here and reading, that is what you’ll be finding. You’ll be watching me find my own voice, and with any luck, some long buried courage. If it’s not your thing, I totally get it…but if you want to cruise along and cheer me on, I’m ok with that as well. Again, just talking…maybe more to myself than anyone else!

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