Another Step

I’ve never been one to wait until the last minute for anything Except Christmas shopping! However, last night, after a day at home not feeling well, my husband announced “He ruined my car.” (Mind you…in New England yesterday there was ice, snow, sleet, minimal visibility and of course, very slippery roads.) This “Car” is actually a four wheel drive Durango…my heart immediately sank into my stomach.

“Were you in an accident” I asked cautiously.

“No” Hubby replied, “I still don’t have any heat after fixing the thermostat. He Ruined my car.”

The realist in me, who doesn’t wait until crisis strikes, wanted to lash out saying…how many times did I ask you to go to a garage, to have it looked at, and how many of our mechanical friends have said BRING THE TRUCK TO ME. Now in the throes of a storm, in a vehicle without heat, you’re shocked that the defrost isn’t working and that your feet aren’t being toasted on the floor? REALLY? Did you not have an entire year to get that fixed? But of course, being the immediate fixer that I am, I Instead replied with…”That’s ok. R can take the bus to school tomorrow. I will get a ride with a coworker and you can just have my car. I will get the truck to the garage and get it fixed. Don’t worry…that’s an easy fix.” Done…NEXT!

I jokingly talked to my sister and said, thank goodness D (hubby) has a husband who makes sure he always has a running vehicle for work…wish I had one of those, a HUSBAND I mean. LOL She laughed…funny but true she replied.

So…while this isn’t technically a step, it’s me again pushing back in that I’m damn tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop. I can no longer hope the truck stays operational and I will not sacrifice my own vehicle for any longer than the repair takes. In a world where, according to my husband, men are being bound and dragged down by XBox or in his case too much television, where MEN no longer want to work when they can stay home and collect unemployment or disability, does type of behavior stymy or enforce that behavior?Ā  (Side note – there are genuinely people out there that CANNOT work for various reasons. I do not envy the frustration this must cause. I’m talking about those who take advantage of a system…)

The bigger question is again, Do I Care? Do I care enough to get all worked up and angry? Yes, for the briefest moment I did and I did get angry. As the House Mediator, negotiator, fixer, and Husband, it is my job to resolve these crises. And I did this one just like I would any other…step by step, covering each person and chore stem to stern. What’s bigger though, in all this, is that for me it was a moment of freedom. Like I said, I’m done with the dropping shoes…I plan ahead…I make pro-active choices and take forward moving steps…I’m always looking ahead, removing obstacles, and not being bogged down in the local seaweed that sometimes threatens to choke me. Moving on, moving up…that’s me and the direction I am heading in.

So dear reader, underneath the frustration and touches of sarcasm, I did get this resolved. Everyone arrived to their desired or required destinations in a timely manner. I got to work, with the help of my coworker. And while I have not yet reached out to a local garage, I have a gameplan in mind and will, I assure you, get this heater situation resolved once and for all. Moving on, moving forward…defrosted windows and toasty toes!

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