Storm’s A-Comin!!!!

It’s all over the news and radio, getting messages via email from driver’s ed instructors, and no doubt will be in a panic come Monday morning. The Storm is Coming…and I’m not talking a metaphorical storm, but a good 8-12 inches of snow. That means that this afternoon’s shopping expedition will be a mob scene event, people wrestling along aggressively to get survival staples (these days that doesn’t mean water and batteries but rather snacks to hold over the kiddos) before we get snowed in! I complain and complain about this weather, I repeat how I Just Hate It Here but ya know, being from New England, I don’t think we ever really feel that way. Granted, it’s annoying and can definitely feel disruptive, the shoveling and scraping, moving cars for the plow truck to sweep the driveway, making sure we have the candles and wooden matches, water, food to get by in case we lose power. But its what makes us who we are, makes us strong and determined, knowing that someone close by has a wood stove as I don’t have one, that our friends will welcome us when they have power and we don’t. The smart ones even has gas stoves…I have a generator, just enough to push the fridge and heater, which is enough…and a grill if push comes to shove!

For my kids, the Storm is Coming has monetary value as they work for a friend, making more an hour than I do (ironic isn’t it) moving snow and removing snow from hospital parking lots and sidewalks, making sure areas are safe, that people can come and go, that emergency vehicles can rush in and provide services required for each person. They both find the manual work rewarding, and love that they are helping the elderly patients be able to walk and move safely…there’s something honorable about that to my boys, making sure that no one slips and falls on their watch, and if need be, providing that sturdy arm/escort through the door if needed. Good values, I did something right I think, and admire their work, work ethic, and pride in this new opportunity. It won’t be easy for them, that’s for sure, but their wallets will thank them next week on payday!!

I’m all smiles thinking about them collecting that first big check for the work they have put in. They’ve both had jobs but this is the “construction connection” they’ve both been waiting for, it’s a big deal!  This weekend will separate the boys from the men from what we are hearing. I’m wondering which of them fall asleep first…LOL! But in truth, I think a cooler full of food, thermos bottles of soup and hot chocolate, and money for runs to the store should keep them going. Water bottles ice cold to keep them hydrated… my rugid Maine boys! Just makes me laugh.

Yes, the Storms A Comin…nothing to do with me this time, no hurdles for me to overcome, just sharing a smile and mom moment!!


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