I have to admit that today is the first time I could completely go on a rant, call someone out who doesn’t read my Blog anyway, probably rip someone to shreds in words, but refuse to do it. In keeping in line with my need to step outside myself, the actual approach would indeed be to tear someone up, as my usual approach is a little sarcasm and humor but again, not going to do it. instead, Im just going to talk then move along, and there won’t be any tags with this one. just a bunch of words. While I could point out in general how insensitive people can be, self centered, and ignorant, again, I just won’t. But boy, I’m really itchin’ to launch into a tirade…

But let’s keep it simple! Today was a good day, quiet and calm. Movies. My kiddos. Comfort food. Snow falling outside as what’s supposed to be a crazy storm is taking hold here, blowing wind and repeated plow truck drive bys out on 236. The best news of course is that my computer power cord arrived today courtesy of so I am able to type once again from the comfort of home, and as of this moment, from the comfort of my bed. I normally don’t bring the computer into my room…but after not having had it for a while, I’m feeling a tad possessive and am holding it hostage in the Mother Space. Sorry boys, mama’s taking back the laptop! My husband, after going out to a vehicle that wouldn’t start (dead battery), got to work and home safely saying only that work was wild today and he was glad to be home! the boys, as I mentioned, are home…and actually went to bed fairly early, no doubt in the hopes that this storm will bring them some work tomorrow as they work doing the snow removal bit! (I dont envy that)

I didn’t do much at all today except enjoy being home, being off, being warm, and spending time with my kids…even when the XBox keeps them tied to their bedroom for gaming, knowing they are here truly brings me comfort. I stayed in bed a little longer this morning and read yet another book centered on beach life, though much different than the one I finished about a week ago. this one focuses on a couple determined to move to an island nation and build a beach side bar & grille…I’ve just scratched the surface of the book but can do updates later if it’s worth discussing, and if not, will find and relay my next great read! My phone didn’t ring much today, which means tomorrow should be fairly busy.Ā 

Boy this one is entirely boring…need to write when I’m more centered and focused and can contribute something more solid. It’s late, I’m tired. Checking out…


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