Being that I work in mental health, my perspective is often altered. I think to my self, every now and then, that my “problems” have me so bogged down in life that I can’t see straight; that I have done something to someone in a past life or maybe even present life, to cause me to struggle and feel frustrated. I get frustrated by working each and every day and feeling, like so many people, that the amount is just never enough…even with two adults working, how is it that there’s never enough. I get frustrated by not being able to be that parent who can just give my kids everything…the money they want, the big Christmas, a new truck or car, or a loan towards some BIG item they desperately want. I’m disappointed and frustrated. I haven’t given up…I keep fighting, I keep pluggin along. Hell…I just got a free tree for the holidays, that’s something right?
And then…in my office, Perspective! While I whine about being broke, people’s businesses are closing, houses are being foreclosed on, feelings of suicide, parents trying to process kids hurting themselves or taking drugs and making bad decisions. Money won’t fix this. Gifts won’t fix this. Loans and new cars won’t fix any of this. My “problems” seem inconsequential, my heart is lightened just for a moment though the looming bills are now tapping me on the shoulder. While my heart goes out to these people and families, it reminds me that perspective is so important in our world.
Perspective…my word of the day. Per, here is part of the formal definition:
1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance
2. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity:

That’s it…regarding situations, facts, relative importance, “point of view or the ability to see it.” The Ability To See It…it’s easy, so easy, to live inside our own little world, to forget we are not the center, that at times it seems easy to be blinded by the shades we pull down and the curtains we draw at the end of the day. And what did I learn today? I SEE that my problems are minimal and probably no different than so many others. I SEE that my children are healthy and strong. I SEE that my house payments are paid. I SEE objectively that my levels of frustration are nothing compared to so many others. Perspective…word of the day.



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