The Quest Continues…

In the throes of just writing again, simply to reactivate vocabulary and written communication skills, I’m finding it more and more difficult to stay away from my blog. I’m finding that ideas and words are flowing more freely, and that I’d rather spend time typing out my ideas and epiphanies and thoughts than do my actual day to day work and at home chores. Is that a bad thing I find me asking myself? Is it wrong to want to keep expounding and chatting and seeing occasional feedback? Is it bad that I’m just writing and not taking more photographs? My answer to those questions is NO! Absolutely not!!

I have to admit that pushing my limits has become my normal mode of thinking these days, refusing to give up the good fight. Whether it’s inner turmoil, handling issues at work and at home, pacing myself to read a book I’d rather rip through in order to get my next new book fix at the bookstore, or even just simply utilizing quiet time to get my head in order, I’m taking steps to live outside my normal realm. Recently I mentioned music, how it had been such an integral part of my pre-mom/wife lifestyle. I’ve found a show, the Sing Off (all accapella) which fits not only my love of music but the thrill of hearing voices and harmonies and percussion and bass all blending together. My favorite group has a solid country feel, and the bass singer has the most amazing voice, striking a low note that made my chest rumble. A full octave below the normal bass notes…blown away, just completely blown away. Music moves me in a way nothing else can, and I’m getting my fix regularly even if it is on television…the best part, my husband is addicted to the show as well so I don’t even have to fight for the remote! LOL Living outside the norm for sure and having my hubby come along for that musical ride is even better. Soon contestants from that show will be touring and you can bet, I will be there…it’s my birthday soon and I’m due! I work every day and balance my house…I’m due!

There it is…giving something to myself, investing in my heart and passion, allowing my guilty pleasure of music to dictate my birthday wishes. I will be there, even if I have to sneak in the backstage somehow! Isn’t it wonderful though, to feel so caught up, so alive again, so much involved with the arts whether as a listener, writer, photographer, or as an audience member. We get lost so easily, push off what we love for what we are supposed to do, get so caught up in what is “reality” and often times forgetting what brings us true joy. Writing…music…it’s all there. Written words with a melody, harmony, percussion…music, the expressions and fire that words cannot cross, emotions that lift and raise and fall and rise and take our breath away. Lost, just totally lost in the rapture of having found my joy, in being involved again, in feeling such a lift.


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