More snow…

Well it’s snowing….AGAIN! Not that I am surprised but I’m a fan of “Christmas Day” snow ONLY! Living in Maine, I should anticipate storm after storm but am always frustrated when more cold moves in, skies are gray, and sunshine is nowhere to be found. Today however, i admit that as I stood outside, the snow is absolutely breathtaking. At my office just into the tree line, there are trees with a darker colored bark…against the white snow…and just at those trees, is a bush of red berries, and just behind the berries is a small young tree with light green pine needles. Man, why didn’t I bring my camera to work? The contrast of those colors is so beautiful, and so often I want my camera to be here with me. My phone will do but wouldn’t do justice in this case though I may go out and try at lunch. The deep bark and white snow in contrast with the rich red berries and light green pine needles is just amazing. The snow is falling steadily in large white flake form…coating the ground and cars…the air is crisp though not unbearably cold. It’s small images, like this one outside, that hide my disdain for cold snowy weather…images that encompass the beauty of winter life in Maine…images that warm my heart and soul on cold crisp days like today. (Lunch…time to give it a whirl with the camera phone. If it comes out ok, I will post)

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