As one year closes and another begins, I’m moving forward. I saw a great quote about not looking into the rear view mirror but rather just driving and forging ahead, one step or mile or milestone at a time. Appropriate I think…as a parent, wife, sister, friend, coworker. The past is just that, the past, unable to be changed or altered without a high power time machine. The future is full of possibilities, opportunities, and growth. Growth, moving forward, connecting and reconnecting, becoming more involved and feeling more alive.

I’ve stated many times that my goal moving forward is to be happy, write more, take more pictures, be more involved, feel happier, become more active. For me, that is the 2014 plan…and believe me, the inward focus on myself is a huge step for me. I’m not being selfish, and my children will still be my primary focus; I want my kids to have known a happier, more fun and outgoing side of me, to have seen me out taking pics and going on adventures…and incorporating that future me begins now. And at the end of their time at my house or at the end of my life, I don’t want people saying “Wow, she was such a good worker, so dedicated to work, really gave all her heart and free time to work.” I don’t want those compliments…I want family and friends celebrating my life, my adventures, my hairbrained ideas, and memories that make them smile and laugh with loud music, lots of margaritas, and maybe a few of my most fabulous photos. If that is my funeral, I’ve lived a good life…ashes to be scattered into the winds so that my soul continues to travel even when my body cannot; forcing my sons to take a wild adventure together as my last dying wish…I can just imagine their reactions, oh my goodness…”Even in death she is still telling us what to do. But it wouldn’t be Mom without one last favor!”

Now, that story being told, I’m not planning on going anywhere in 2014. I will be around for a long time…I guess I was just thinking out loud and laughing as I wrote those lines. 2014…even years are always good to me. 2014…42 years old this year. 2014…not to be confused with the wild vicious bogs and quicksands of 2013. 2014…big decisions for my oldest son, and the year my younger son graduates. 2014…more time with my sister, our promise to each other, more sister time and adventures and drives and karaoke (music, remember that topic?) 2014…I’m excited for this year to begin.

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