Onward and Upward

Lost in my own oblivion of more writing, organizing my house, managing my life and those of my kiddoes, I’ve found that I failed to look outwardly just long enough to miss a key element of someone else’s need for change. The someone else I’m referring to is my niece, who having just turned 18 on the 5th, signed herself into Rehab. Yes, as in “They try to make me go to Rehab but I wont go, no no!”  While I knew there were some herbal remedies floating in her repetoire, I had no idea that we had surpassed green and gone on to something else. Her crowd is just varied enough that it would have been difficult to make an actual call on the severity of party favors…

She decided yesterday or maybe over the course of the weekend, to take charge of her life. She had a straight conversation with her mother (my sister) and really put herself out there. She was completely honest, laying before my sister the menu of herbal and other party favors that have become a regular part of her life. She closed by telling her mother that it was time to get it together, to stop all this sillyness, and that she/my niece wanted to sign herself into Rehab. Six months…she will be just over two hours from us all, can have visitors on Saturdays. I can only hope that the goal of this program and that my niece’s determination stay in line with each other; that the brave choice leaves my niece feeling accomplished, clean, sober, healthy, happier; that this program allows her not only to continue her education but also to further herself, her artistic abilities, and her employment and professional plans.

I’m very proud of this young woman, the decision she has made for herself. Selfishly, I admit that I am sad that she is leaving. Although we don’t spend enough time together, her presence and spirit are always with me, and there is something very calming and familiar about that. However, despite my “sad” feeling, there is also such a glowing sense of pride and admiration for the bravery it had to have taken to make this life changing decision…to move from everyone and everything you know and commit to something like this. My sister and I BOTH admitted last night that we would never have had that kind of courage.

So onward and upward for my niece…time to kick out the bad and focus on the good; to find ways of coping with weaknesses and letting her strengths shine through (and she has many, just needs the courage to take the bright path). Onward and upward…north to Augusta!

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