Birthday Bonanza!

From what I’ve gathered I am one of the few that as an adult still enjoy my birthday, still enjoy being queen for the day, and always figure out a way to rally my troops for a fun night out! This year, we have at least 12, headed to a local Chili’s Bar & Grill…the restaurant has been called/warned to expect a large crowd around 7pm! And with $75 in gift cards it could prove quite a night!! My friends are a little loud, definitely silly, and always fun to be around. None of us have a lot, from a financial standpoint, but our friendship and laughter brings us much joy and has been a true blessing in my life.

I’ve tried to figure out why, as an adult, my birthday is such a big deal for me. Yes, I admit that part of it is simply being the center of attention, but there’s something else. It’s knowing that I have survived another year, overcome obstacles last season that I wasn’t sure I could get over or around, rose above situations when I just wanted to duck out, and continued moving forward in my life. I didn’t take shortcuts to get where I am, and while my current view could be improved, I’m happy and healthy and blessed. That’s a pretty good birthday to me…I can look back with a smile, look ahead with energy and enthusiasm, and look around my present and just glow with happiness, love, pride, and a heartwarming admiration and thankfulness for all that I have and am.

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