And out of the darkness….

And out of the darkness a new light shines … a new day, a new smile, a new voice, a new thought, a new confidence, and a new comfort level that has been lacking in my life for so very long. Even numbered years are often eye openers for me, leading me to a higher level of thinking and processing, forcing me to re-examine certain elements of my life and my world. I keep coming back to the same thought…when my heart is in writing and photography, even though some of those edges are still a bit jagged and in need of polishing, why is it that I’m not doing this full time?

Now granted, my bank account strongly disagrees with what I want in this world, to travel and write. But what if, just what if, I could transition, one piece at a time, into writing full time, taking pictures full time, and incorporating that passion into a paycheck. I’ve got a great mind for details, can put words to almost anything, have penned a few published articles, and receive much encouragement from friends and family. All those positives yet here I sit, at my safe little desk in my cozy little office…but that time is rapidly approaching for me where flip flops become my dress shoes and my camera bag becomes my accessory of choice along with a notepad or tablet to jot down ideas.

The more I think about it, the more I smile. Onward and upward, moving forward for the first time in a long time towards my heart and passion, towards beaches and adventure, sunshine and smiles, meeting new faces and seeing new places and locations, and documenting each fresh footstep left behind. Yes, as a smile crosses my face, I’m just on the brink…the time is coming…so many ideas, so little time!  

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2 thoughts on “And out of the darkness….

  1. jackie January 25, 2014 at 5:55 PM Reply

    Ah, the great dream: to create full time and enjoy physical security while doing it. Difficult to find but not impossible. Best of luck!

    • A Maine Mama January 27, 2014 at 8:43 AM Reply

      Thank you for the encouragement. I’m under no illusion that this will be an easy task, and that I will probably hit more walls than I walked into as a toddler! The difference now is that I’m not quite as intimidated by those walls, understand that rejected writing isn’t always personal just “business” as they say, and that where on piece has failed it may be successful somewhere else. Postive vibes!! 🙂 At least, that’s my plan! Thank you for reading that piece, and for stopping by to leave a comment.

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