Today, waking up to the warmth in my room, I felt positive and energized, ready to grab the day by the horns and get to it. Work has, so far, been very productive and I’m feeling encouraged. I’ve realized about work that right, I’ve “topped out” as I have the position that no one else really wants. Knowing this gives me knowledge that my predecessor already possessed…that she couldn’t move ahead without somone else being taught, kicking and screaming, the details of her position. Instead, she opted out and left the training to someone else, for someone new…ME! The irony is that a year ago, I would have found this news of minimal growth overly disappointing. On the plus side, my comfort with this position and the various tasks it entails allows me the freedom to sneak in a blog or two on occasion (hence yesterday’s book review on My Literary Desserts page.)

I feel today like I could take on the world. I’m broke as all get out until payday, and can’t wait to get home again. Cook up something delicious and spend time with my son. Granted, he has a girlfriend now who chats him up all night on Skype, but even his presence brings a serene comfort to my world and my sould. There is nothing like it. My oldest son is the same…no girlfriend but a solid quiet presence who’s inner strength amazes me every time I look at him. The two of them, my sun and moon, bring such comfort and balance. They’re wonderful…every bit as perfect as I imagined them, all faults included in my description of perfect. In so many ways they are like me, and in other ways, my polar opposites…comfort, love, stability, and balance! We are a good blend.

Onward and upward, not letting the small things get to me, taking each challenge in stride, overcoming the sad news that I may have topped out in my job, and so comforted by the boys who will be home when I get there. It’s the little things, and as a smile passes over my face, I look forward to the rest of today and the excitement and challenges tomorrow may bring!


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