Another Step….

Remaining within the theme for 2014, I am happy to report another step, or maybe a half step. My oldest son, who took the scenic route through high has decided that furthering his education is a real possibility for himself. His interest lies heavily in the automotive field, loves the idea of custom cars, nitrous, flashy paint jobs and drifting around corners…at the same time loving a big truck splashing through the mud. We reached out to Universal Technical Institute and Mike met with the recruiter, had a fantastic conversation, and at the end of the processed, completed paperwork to attend in August 2014. This gives us time to complete paperwork for financial aid, time for him to earn his license so that he has a vehicle, time to get a job and put away some money. One of his friends from town is considering the same option, at the same location, which would be great in getting him to agree to go so far away from home. Florida…though grammy is conveniently just 45 minutes from the school…so a comfortable trip away from home.

If you knew my son, and how difficult school had been for him, you would understand how seeing this self choice manifest itself still fills me with utter joy and excitement. Granted, it’s still a new idea for all of us and the novelty of it has not worn off. But as he struggled through school, finally obtaining his diploma was a big deal…furthering his education is an even bigger deal as is seeing him step up to the plate and take this next big step towards his future goals and dreams, seeing him take an opportunity by the horns despite the fact that this is technically “more school.”

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