Awards Part Two: Fun and Flowers To Brighten the Day

Awesome blossomReblogging as I received this lovely award from a writer whose prose and opinions and view of the world I thoroughly enjoy and respect. Your voice is so much fun…so thank you, for appreciating my voice and determination to grow, move forward, and strengthening those in bloom in my own home!

A View From My Summerhouse

Following directly on from my first Award’s post here is Part Two in which I’m so happy to share some light-hearted fun and present some beautiful flowers.

Firstly, I must make mention once more of lovely Maria over at Lost in the Labyrinth, bless her, who has nominated me for four, yes I said four, awards over the last couple of months! Thank you so much Maria, you are so generous in thinking of me for these wonderful awards and also for the very kind sentiments with which they are sent.

The first two are: The Imagine Award and the Blog of the Year 2013 Award.



Having already accepted nominations for these awards just before Christmas, I won’t be participating again, although the Blog of the Year Award 2013 is a bit different because each time somebody is nominated, a star can be collected for a grand total of six…

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