Moving on…another chapter

Last night we drove home in about 6 inches of snow, in the winter of 2014 that will never end. I’m not prepared to become a caveman nor do I have the tools to survive, I openly admit that I am a warm weather girl and my only survival option will be to move south. I’m not ashamed of that fact, just honest! However, it has always been me who is out moving vehicles when the plow guy comes and me shoveling off the porch and stairs – mind you I reside with two sons 19 & 17 and my husband. The highlight of arriving home was receiving a text from my landlord “Please tell the boys and Doug to help shovel.” I replied, “The boys were out earlier shoveling but they/I will shovel more.” He replied “Thank you.”  Did I also mention that my neighbors are three mid-20’s boys and the landlord’s step son who is in his 30’s? And it’s ME who gets the text to get more shoveling done?

What I have decided to do is just pay someone…I don’t want to shovel, as I mentioned, as I am not a fan of the cold. All the men in my building apparently will melt if they are outside too long and get wet from the snow. And my other neighbor is a woman with a bad back…and she, like me, has done most of the shoveling. She and I joke about it but I’m thinking that she is reporting to the landlord…so, I will just hire out the work. AND when I threw out the idea of paying someone to shovel, both of my boys jumped right up…YOU CAN PAY ME! I’ll take it.

So crisis resolved…my boys can trade off shoveling during snowstorms, no one else will have to do the work, the walkway will look nice, and I WON’T be the one outside in the storm. TAH DAH!

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One thought on “Moving on…another chapter

  1. A Maine Mama February 19, 2014 at 7:01 PM Reply

    As a follow up, i went out to shovel tonight, just a day later. Both of my shovels have been confiscated…gone, like they never existed. I cannot wait to get tonight’s text! Hahahaha

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