Being that it is winter in Maine, and despite the natural beauty, what they don’t warn you about is pot holes. Mind you, I do not drive an SUV, I do not have four wheel drive, and I do not drive a car with auto inflate if I hit an enormous pot hole. My car is older, and was given to me…I cannot complain. My income doesn’t provide extra money for a new car and car payment, at least not right now. My income doesn’t allow me to just go out and choose some car/SUV/truck that will provide me the ability to cruise over pot holes with no repercussions. We hit said pot holes, 5 in a row mind you, last night and I have no doubt something big let go. And the bonus of the story, I had just paid my rent and had to eat humble pie, saying to my landlord just what I have typed in a much shorter fashion. I begged forgiveness, expressed understanding at how difficult this will make it for him, hung my head in shame and thanked him for holding the check which will be replaced with another of lesser value.

Frustrated because I work full time and cannot put aside money for emergency situations such as this car repair.

Frustrated because I am the only one who works full time in my house.

Frustrated because I cannot afford the meager life I live.

frustrated, just friggin frustrated. I look to the sky and wonder where I went wrong…how I can fix this…why am I not a trust fund baby…how can i improve my credit situation when i can barely afford to get by. I’m not someone who thinks I’m due benefits or some form of help I don’t earn myself…but ya know, just once, I could use it. “Just over Broke” is not enough…just really frustrated and needed to vent.


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