Image  Well after my mini tirade the other day about frustration, I wanted to take a moment and get my head back on straight, get my brain realigned with this year’s mission: Moving forward, moving on, moving up! Up, that’s a word I’ve used so many times here on my blog and can be interpreted so many ways. For me, it is simply keeping my head up, trying to remain positive, not getting bogged down in the weeds and quicksand, and being able to sense when I am feeling in such a way that can be detrimental.

ImageMy sister teased me the day I took these photos…”What do you see in the clouds? (snicker) You’re always looking up!” Imagine, my sister, snickering at me…we are peas in a pod, and she is funny and sarcastic times two in comparison to me, hence she is my soul mate and best friend! This was taken during a random ride out to Nubble Lighthouse in York ME. It’s a beautiful drive in a wonderful area of Maine. Sunsets are spectactular, and these clouds were just some of many. But looking up gave me a moment to capture pink clouds…if I had looked straight ahead  or elsewhere, I would have missed this opportunity. 

And while, in the thick of my story, my sister was teasing about the clouds and always looking up, I find that I do more and more of it. This year has brought back my love of moving my focus from eye level to above, taking in a city or town in an entirely different way with rooftops, silos, more clouds, clocks, steeples, widow’s walks. Granted, I watch where I go and how I proceed but thoroughly take my time to take in the new view. (yes, that’s a little symbolism for myself!)

For years I walked with my eyes cast down, having grown up in a small town; a member of a large family of mostly boys, and just my last name brought about an “Oh…another one” from teachers! As I got older, I transferred my gaze to eye level, and smiled at people more regularly while I’m walking. Now, I look down ONLY when it’s brutally cold… otherwise, my eyes are level or gazing up to capture images. Moving/ looking up.  Image

This picture is by far a favorite of mine, the puffy clouds just leave you longing for the feel of the sunshine, the tickle of the sand beneath my feet that day at Carolina Beach. Looking up, not down in a state full of strangers. You cannot imagine the strength that takes for me. But I did it and reveled in it!

So back to my original statement about perspective and getting my mind right. It is images like these clouds that remind me even my most frustrating and disappointing days are just that, a day long. I can go to bed and start over every day, to lovely afternoons, striking sunsets, poignant moments with my children. I can walk along the beach or a path or just around the yard, and take in something new every day.

My tirade the other day, my frustration…no perspective, I didn’t look up. It was night time, very cold, no clouds, no surf or sand…just me, and thus, my post. But I’m back, back to my “normal” self, whatever that means. I’m refreshed again by the sun beaming outside, awaiting my lunch to go hide in a favorite book and drink my Dr. Pepper, and enjoy feeling the sun coming in through the car windows. The dark has been pushed aside and the light is so much better… moving on, moving up, overcoming the frustration and not giving it power to dictate any longer. My mind is straight, my perspective back, and the images I have looked at and shared today. I am so moved by these memories, by the people I spent those days with, and the smile moves so easily across my face demands the stress and frustration cannot exist. And I’m moving forward, creeping some days but moving just the same, moving on and moving up.

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4 thoughts on “Perspective….

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster February 25, 2014 at 11:44 AM Reply

    Oh, but I hear you here. Sometimes I can feel a little guilty about those moments I lose perspective (like, oh, last Thursday), but in retrospect . . . those moments are a great reminder how powerful is perspective. The same circumstances can be viewed so differently, even by the same person. Recalling that in truly difficult times is a reminder I’ll find perspective, eventually.

    I, too, love the clouds. They remind me of that old animated song, “Somewhere Out There.” Who else is looking at the clouds? How many eyes? Imagining it that way, everything I’m experiencing seems like such a small part of a vast, fascinating world I’m glad to be part of.

    • A Maine Mama February 25, 2014 at 11:52 AM Reply

      You cannot imagine the connection we have to Somewhere Out There…how interesting to compare it to the clouds! Wow! Another new perspective…two in one day…woohoo, a banner afternoon for me! Thank you 🙂

  2. warmginger February 25, 2014 at 11:48 AM Reply

    I saw pink fluffy swans flying across the sky in your first photo! Lovely.
    Those days when we’re stuck in the doldrums suck don’t they? Glad you’re up, up and away again. 🙂

    • A Maine Mama February 25, 2014 at 11:55 AM Reply

      Thank you for stopping by. Those days can be tough, and I take on the brunt of “grown up” chores in my house…so, yes, frustrating. But when the night comes, I can close my eyes and sleep…and awake the next more ready and raring to go.
      Pink swans…I remember seeing pink birds as well the day I took the photo, the little V’s we would draw to signify seagulls as children!

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