Another Wednesday…

Rounding 9pm, I finally get a moment with my computer. Mom chores are completed, kiddo has been taken to and returned from his interview, dishes are complete, house is quiet, and I revel in my mood. I just finished watching Step Up Revolution full of techno style music and dance all used in a manner to announce a presence, send a message. While I’m not a big fan of cheesy versions of Cinderella and the Prince, I’m still smiling at the effects of music and dance in the movie.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, a wealthy business man’s daughter befriends a boy from the Miami slums, becomes part of his dance crew called “the Mob.” You know, Flash Mobs…random break outs of dance and music in local establishments, leaving their performance and some form of Mob art behind, being seen and metaphorically heard. This movie is the same way set in Miami, modern day West Side Story in Florida, and the daughter becomes very involved with the Mob. She believes strongly that her father’s business, which is tearing down the “slum” to put in elegant new waterfront buildings, needs to understand that the people there should not be pushed out. After a tiff where members of the Mob are arrested due to a negative performance message, the Mob resurfaces without our “Maria” at a press conference. The story closes in a beautiful dance, issues are resolved, and our community remains in tact!

There’s just something to be said for the emotions of music, and in this case, integrating dance as the means of communicating. I envy the dedication to and emotions conveyed through dancing. For me, my music came out of musical instruments or through singing. Music is such a powerful means of communication though, and in the immortal words of my music professor “Music sounds how feelings feel.” In this movie, the central music followed the story, like a modern day West Side Story but with no death/ death of a community. It was just nice that once again, though my family isn’t necessarily onboard with my love of music and art, to sit and enjoy this music and dance presentation.

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