And the Beat Goes On…

 Yesterday was a whirlwind for all intents and purposes from the word go…from having to drive in on a spare tire (aka Donut) to too many people in my office and to finally a phone call that has the potential to change lives. That sounds very crazy, doesn’t it, “a phone call with the potential to change lives?” Let me paint the scene: I had gone over to check on my sister who was home sick. After treating her to juice and medicine, and sending her to bed, my oldest son and I headed over to Walmart to get my tire fixed on my car. The afternoon was windy but my son was in a great mood having spent the night with his cousin and totally immersing him in classic teen boy behavior – nothing illegal, just window shopping and cruising the mall for ladies. He was all smiles telling me about his night. As we were cruising along in my poor car, the donut humming loudly, my phone rang…the other son, wondering when I would be home. Quick confirmation that I would be home close to the normal time set him at ease. Upon arriving at Walmart, we head into the automotive center for the tire repair/replacement, an oil change, and the replacement of a driver’s side wiper. While waiting, my phone rang again…it was the phone call!

The phone was a gent from the US Army (life changer) looking for my youngest son. Being that my youngest son is not yet 18, I let the recruiter know that I have an older son who is 19. My oldest turned on his heel to say “Well who is that?” I told him “An Army recruiter.” The gent wanted to speak to Mike…who took the phone, had a conversation about his plans and goals for himself and after about 20 minutes invited the recruiter to our home for a conversation face to face.

As a mother, it was a proud and slightly daunting moment…we have illusions of certain branches of the military and to me, Army is “boots on the ground.” Mike is a big hearted kid, sensitive beneath that tough exterior of his. With all the talk of PTSD and the dangers that presents to our veterans, I was stopped in my tracks by the idea of this man coming to our house. But I’m so proud, so proud of Mike for considering this option for himself. The recruiter told Mike that he can work and learn in the automotive field, there is the GI Bill option for further schooling, and you’re earning money. Ding Ding Ding!!

And yes the beat goes on, officially tuning for performance Tuesday at 3pm. My son’s life could be greatly altered by a simple phone call. It’s a life changing decision though one I believe many young men can benefit from. The reality of being an Army Mom fills me with hope and excitement for my son’s future but unnerves me just a bit, makes me nervous that his big heart could have to process information that could upset his mind and soul. It’s just a conversation though, which is how I presented it to Mike, but ultimately his final decision to make. For the first time ever, regardless of being the mama, I have to step back from my young man, my young adult, and let him make this decision.

In the spirit of onward and upward, my fingers are crossed and my heart is hopeful. I could “pro & con” this to death but won’t. I simply want my son to make an informed decision, and if that decision involves the military then it does. And if it does not, at least he took the time to explore the opportunity and in an informed voice, says thank you but no.

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