A new beginning…

As I’ve discussed this week, my son had recruiters coming to speak with him about the military. We spent just over an hour with two recruiters, discussed everything under the sun, and throwing questions at them left and right. They had great answers…told me what they love about the military and what they just don’t care for. They told me “We aren’t here to sell you on the Army.” But did a great job providing answers and insights. My son said “I need some time to think on this. It’s a big commitment. Can I have a few days?”  They said “Of course, it’s a big decision. But we aren’t recruiters who will chase you for an answer.” I must admit, I loved that response. In a world where the military is always in danger of being cut down, cut back, fitting into a new budget, those who want to volunteer will and those who don’t will not.

I know my son is tempted to go, to sign up and give it a go. He is terrified he will fail, and worse, fail himself. I know he underestimates himself…he has done it for years. He is bright but lazy, spent many years being badgered and bullied growing up by boys that ultimately have become some of his closest friends. If he can survive the bullying and teasing of ids his own age, I feel he can survive the military. I asked deliberately about the mental strength needed to survive boot camp…knowing what Mike has been through scares me, making him relive that environment, the place where his future can be made or broken. I know that is his biggest concern…he asked “What if I end up in a shop (mechanic field) with a bunch of guys who are just jerks? Why should I have to stay in that environment when I’m just trying to do my job everyday?” Great question…and there are no guarantees.

So now I wait, I answer his questions, I encourage him to make the decision that feels right to him and for him. My son has the ability to really change his destiny…maybe it will be a military decision, maybe it wont. Maybe it will be by attending the voc training program in Auburn Maine, maybe it won’t. Whatever his decision…it is his decision. I can only take him so far….show him the route but walk along at a distance. I’m really struggling with this, letting go of my oldest little boy…

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