A Brief Introduction

Today is my day…branching into yet another realm of social media. My ultimate goal, getting paid to travel and write. That’s right, you heard it hear first. For the last 18 years, I have been a hard working Mama of two boys, soon to both be graduates and taking their next steps in life. That being said, I’m ready to leave the oh so familiar place at my desk, and with my minimal savings account, branch into writing at a fast and furious pace. 

That is the overall goal of the writer, I know. But even at my age, and by my family history I’m still not even half way through life, my goals and dreams still far outweigh the accomplishments my life has given me. I’m been the good girl, done my big girl job, been a great mama to two fantastic young men, a good wife, and now, I’m ready to reclaim those moments of rushing to the ocean’s edge and jumping in head first! (metaphorically of course as I’m likely to ruin my camera and writing gear in the water.)

This is my first step, loading up my travel vehicle, social media and camera and pen and journal, transferring ideas into stories and memories and dreams and colors and images and illusions, and finding a new home on the pages of social media. 

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