Tech Saavy Pt. 2

I took the next step in my potential opportunity last night when I threw my hat into the ring! I put my name on the ballot so we will see how I rate! I ALSO, to compete, created a new Twitter and Tumblr and am debating Instagram as my new phone is fabulous and takes lovely photos! That all being said, I’m still missing the key ingredient of being able to link them all to one location where readers get a blast of “MaineMama” information, blogs, thoughts, photos, etc. I’m determined and will figure this out…I have some very tech saavy friends. I will call this one in and tell everyone what I find out as it sounds like I’m not alone on the “Linking it all together” department.

I’ve read many articles…inserting widgets, linking to this account and that. Yet, when I get to the linked page, the new message is not there. Clearly, I have missed a detail or step.

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