In moments…

It’s in moments of what feels like quiet desperation that my heart and spirit perk up and yell…WRITE! TAKE PICTURES! GET OUT AND MINGLE! Stop doing a job and follow where you truly want to be. I’m happy to report that I have done just that. This week I have applied for three writing positions…none of which I have heard back on but all of which took every ounce of courage to apply for. If I do this, I have to do it all the way…no ifs ands or buts. No half ass attempt or wishy washy stuff. Straight writing, good pics, all heart and effort focused in the direction I want, and often need, to go.

I’ve learned about Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram. I’m learning step by step about linking them together with the use of Widgets (thank you WordPress) and how to integrate elements of all this into my Google+ account as well. While it’s all still in the works, I must admit it has been a crash course in the presentation and practice of various social media aspects. I’m about ready to recruit my niece for this project as she is a genius with all these tools…making me look like a complete amateur. I’m not a pro but I am a week wiser in social media and connecting my various mediums. So many options for sharing my information, not enough hours in the day!

And in moments like this, I know that soon I will no longer be planted behind a desk but rather touring around to various locations, speaking with people, taking pictures, telling stories, and on occasion, possibly finding myself in print somewhere other than my own dreamy little blog. I’m reaching out, taking chances, calling out to old friends who have some excellent networks, hoping that they can assist me in completing the tasks to make this dream reality. I can do this…I can!


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One thought on “In moments…

  1. Gunta April 3, 2014 at 11:14 PM Reply

    Way to go. Good luck.

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