Unlock the mind…here we go!

Having signed up for both Writing 101 and Blogging 101, my goal is simply to gain confidence in the voice that for so long has haunted me as being lost, or even worse, no worth hearing, reading or listening to. I tend to speak in circles, following the proper etiquette with transitions and grammar and whatnot, always circling back to my original thought and ideas. It thrills and terrifies me to openly talk/write but provides such a great way of reviewing where I have been and what I may learned, what I may need to relearn. There’s therapy in writing, at least for me, and that has been my goal in this year’s writing.

My journals are tucked away, and while I have one that I keep with me at all times, it is blogging I love best as I can now type almost as fast as my mind rolls and much faster than I can hand write. And typing is so much neater (though I still love the handwriting and personal touch paper and pen bring to the world and to my life.) My original blog was simply a way to rediscover my voice, one that seemed to have gotten lost in the years of being a mother, being married, working full time. I did a little work on it but it lacked some serious heart.

Now, having turned 42 in January, and having read a book that reminded me where I was lacking and how i might begin a new approach, blogging took on a whole new meaning. I felt like I had direction…forward, onward, upward. I have obstacles to overcome, but on a good hike or climb, who doesn’t find the occasional puckerbrush or big rock? I no longer worry so much, while writing about what’s around the next corner…though I still doubt my voice and wonder whether or not my words serve any really purpose or still, have any real value to anyone but me. I may never scale that cliff…and that is why I’m here.

Ding…time’s up!! I’m here to strengthen that voice, use my positive energy and mindset to move forward, and somehow make it/writing not only therapeutic but a career. I need this…I’m suffocating in my office…I’m tired of watching vs. feeling the sunshine ya know?


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3 thoughts on “Unlock the mind…here we go!

  1. artistdevee September 15, 2014 at 11:13 PM Reply

    I see you were able to get both assignments done today. I understand when you say you “wonder whether or not my words serve any really purpose or still, have any real value to anyone but me.” I feel that way about my graphic design work and painting. But it must mean something more otherwise what is it all about? I look forward to reading more of your work, to see your positive energy shine through.

    • A Maine Mama September 15, 2014 at 11:17 PM Reply

      Thank yiu so much!! You will see it…at least that is the gameplan. I know there is value in it…has to be…finding an outlet will be the trick for both of us!!

  2. Louise Swingler September 16, 2014 at 6:31 AM Reply

    Hello to you – I enjoyed this post and I relate to what you say about blogging to find (or uncover!) one’s voice. I love that it ‘thrills and terrifies’ you too – it is definitely a mix of those two feelings! Look forward to reading more.

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