“Who I am and why I’m here”

Since the first time I was given free license to be creative, and believe me that was quite some time ago, my heart has taken to writing and fortunately, it felt completely natural even on the most writing blocked days. Writing felt and still feels like an extension of myself!  That being said, the person I am on the outside – mom, wife, worker, sister, friend, goofball tall red headed mama no doubt plays a huge role in the writing and voice I tend to create. I’m no one famous, no major published pieces of literature outside of college newspaper stories, local newspaper stories, and a guest appearance for cheerleading holiday crafts (that is a story for another day though).

My initial goal in creating my blog was to get back to the basics, rediscover a voice that I was afraid had gone away. I was at a period in my life where there was much change happening, and I couldn’t keep a promise to myself (like writing) let alone to anyone else. I used my blog as an outlet to share the adventures of my new transition, to NC, not only as a journal and memory keeper, but as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. Blogging led to posting photos and getting positive feedback…my voice was becoming more sure, more solid, and more like the old me, the true me. I kept writing…I fed on the positive energy and kept writing…I thanked everyone for their feedback and kept writing. I was finding that long lost voice and spirit, and from there it has just continued.

My writing still focuses on the positive aspects in my life, whether home or work or life or mom or family related. I find myself lifted in sharing my writing publicly because you never know who is reading, who may be sharing a similar moment, who may be in need of some random thought or positive message that day. Books speak to me that way, as if a certain sentence is written just for me…and on more than one occasion, it’s another mom or aunt or friend or family member who can relate to what I’m writing. My therapy brings someone else a little solace…a word, sentence, or posted photograph. Is there anything better than that feeling?

And where am I, the Maine Mama, headed? My writing tends to be about family, photos, positive energy, moving forward, staying focused, and refusing to give up. I am moved by the voices of strong women, individually or in group settings…the stories of humanity and overcoming through simple acts or words…about rising out of our daily grind to overcome and succeed with flying colors. That is who I am and why I am here…I’m moving forward, onward, upward…overcoming challenges, staying strong, taking pride in where I have been and how that path brought me to where I am now. I am the Maine Mama!!

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