HI to the neighbors…

As with any endeavor or new career choice, networking is a huge part of the process. Not only do you meet your local owners, businesses, etc, you meet the local market and culture. Having spent five years in staffing and recruiting, networking was a regular part of my position…bonus points that I got paid to go and mingle, attend after hour dinner parties and speaking engagements, meet the local companies and business owners. Bonus that in meeting those folks, I was building relationships, finding common ground, sharing stories, hearing how companies had been done wrong by other agencies and having the opportunity to fix those errors…I did well in this field and loved every minute of it!

Writing and blogging for me has become much the same. I follow blogs that seem to be like minded, and when I find photography sites or blogs with random eccentric ideas, I tune into those as well. I’m noticing my field of view isn’t quite as wide as it once was and needs retuning from time to time, and there’s nothing like being caught totally off guard and finding oneself smiling! There are so many options out there, so many amazing people and writers, and I’ve been blessed to find other like minded writers…photographers, musicians, writers, mothers, successful business women. It’s like the gathering of an orchestra…melodies, harmonies, sharps and flats, racing tempos, and beats that make me want to tap/sing along. I forgot…TRAVELERS!!! There is one blog in particular I recommend to everyone…it’s called LiveLaughRV.net. It’s the lifestyle I dream one day will be my own…fantastic, well written, photographs, humor, television references and just  smile after smile. If you have a minute, take a look. I’ve told the writer, Ingrid, that reading her blog daily is like a mental vacation/getaway…too much fun.l

I didn’t reminisce about songs…music was such a huge part of my life and still is. Whether its classic rock, country, classical, some hip hop, or whatever, I have a silly memory or some sappy romantic moment that flashes through my mind. My favorite music memories just to be brief…dancing with my little boy to Always be my baby…jumping in circles on my bed with both boys to Montel Jordan and Blackstreet…dancing with my husband at our wedding to More than Words…watching my sister dance at her wedding with my nieces to You are beautiful by Christina Aguilera…hearing my father sing along with Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Marty Robbins, George Jones, Randy Travis…. hearing my own boys sing along, or rap along to whatever song is storming through the radio…being in a car full of boys dancing and singing out loud on my oldest son’s 16th birthday  (though they were really hoping they could sell my husband on a trip to Hooters to celebrate!)

So there it is … Hello to my neighbors. I’ve read and continue to read your blogs. I can relate as a mom, wife, sister, woman, person, coworker, writer…whether it is shared music, shared ideas, shared feelings, my world is expanding and blogging has been a big piece of that.

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