The Habit of Writing…

Getting back into the habit of writing is by far my biggest challenge, and I repeat that to myself in blog drafts from a while ago. My goal is to find my voice, get comfortable with it, and by God, do something with it besides sit at my desk. There has to be something more…(I think there’s a song in that somewhere)

While time management is a huge part of my day to day, getting home to clean the house, cook a meal, do those dishes, be a mom, drive my son to work, etc takes a toll on my available time. My mind spins constantly with thoughts and ideas, and I find that not getting them down in writing means I lose them, or the thought becomes less focused and directed as it appeared when it was originally running wild and free through my mind. Finding time for me and for writing is by far the toughest assignment I face every day! I know that about myself and am working on it, so please bear with me!

That being said, my real focus these days is the transition my entire family is going through. I’m the one person that works and provides full time support to my house. My husband works part time…”and that’s all I have to say about that!” My oldest son is working on getting his truck fixed, just began a new full time position as a laborer/apprentice in a machine shop, and my youngest son goes to school full time and works almost full time. My boys are on the brink of creating that next chapter, taking that next step, and that is where my heart and mind run full bore wide open all the time. Getting them to that next place/step is forefront at all times…doing whatever it takes to make their transition into life one level smoother. I want them to move forward with money in their pockets, self earned money but money just the same…my parents were unable to pave the way for me, and I am in the same boat with my own kids. I see that as having failed them though I was able to provide the rest of the skills to make them successful “contributing members of society.” I don’t know…my thought train just jumped off the tracks…15 minutes is up thank goodness!



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