The Healing Journey … Chapter 1

My goal this was year was simple, to move onward and upward. In my mind, that simply meant to begin really taking a look at every element of my life, seeing where improvements could be made, what transitions were coming down the pike, and how I might simplify to keep my focus in the right place as I admit, I get sidetracked easily.

I figured that 42 was a realistic number to begin planning the next chapter in my life. My kids are 20 & 18. The oldest has graduated and is working on his license, and my youngest is a senior with just a few months of school left. All we have to do is get through this year, and each of them will have met another milestone on their way to their “adult” lives. It’s been a long and scenic tour with these two, and while I’ve celebrated every success with them, their failures and frustrations could have done us all in. Success and can do attitudes brought us to where we are, and while I will never push them out of the nest, even the tiniest baby birds learn to fly! But it’s time for them to write their own next chapters, and I’m so blessed to be a part of that process. Their growth has been fantastic, ideas and thoughts and plans coming into focus, both working full time, and both ready to blow our little popcorn stand of a town.

It seemed a simple enough plan when I made this commitment to myself in January just after my birthday. It was something that didn’t cost a cent but has a priceless value after a stretch in my life that seemed to fluctuate, change, and turn upside down at every curve in the road. If I couldn’t see it on my straightaway, I definitely didn’t see it until I rounded the next corner.

As chapters continue being written, I felt it only fair that I could also begin writing my own next chapter. Granted, I’m on what I refer to as the five year plan. In order to achieve that I needed to change jobs and I did that…check! I want to go back to school and focus once again on my writing and photography skills…I’m working on that. My husband needed to get onboard with the plan to move forward, onward and upward…and he nailed it recently with his promotion at work. My house is getting in order, I’ve thinned out the clutter and tuned into the intended goals. Nowhere in this process did my latest bit of news come in to play… “You’ve got breast cancer!”


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2 thoughts on “The Healing Journey … Chapter 1

  1. Send Sunshine October 20, 2014 at 10:43 AM Reply

    My Dearest Friend, I was worried about you when you did not blog for a little bit. I am so sorry to hear this. You are an amazing energy, young and strong! You unknowingly were preparing to begin taking care of you! There are many support groups and I would encourage you to join them. Do not tackle this alone. Blog your journey and help others who may find themselves in the same situation. I am here for you, a million miles away, but try to fear not. This will not be an end only a beginning, release this burden into the hands that will heal you. Express every emotion you may feel, allow the serenity of your beautiful surroundings to sustain you on your toughest days. All of my love and blessings and strength!

    • A Maine Mama October 20, 2014 at 11:16 AM Reply

      What a beautiful message…thank you. My journey indeed will be documented as there is something cathartic in putting pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. My heart and mind are strong right now, and I stand firmly and comfortably in the decision I am making. While it all serms a bit daunting I am overwhelmed and fully surrounded with love, support and blessings. Stay tuned for the next bit and thank you for stopping by and more importantly for your love and friendship across the miles! ♡ MM

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