The Healing Journey … Chapter 7

As I continue this journey and bide my time until surgery day, which is just 8 days away, I find myself still wondering about where this journey is taking me. For whatever reason, I am finding myself surrounded by women crossing into life coaching professions. One woman is utlizing her career planning and development background to begin a career in life coaching. Her strength will be that transition phase for people of all ages and helping those in need discover a course and path that best serves their personal and professional goals. Another young woman was blessed that her employer saw fit to provide wellness coach training to integrate with her role as a charge nurse. As she is an avid health buff and healthy eater, this wellness training and coaching opportunity is a perfect fit in her existing career path and a natural progression. The third woman, ironically, is my general practioner who is learning about finding the authentic self through personal and spiritual guidance. It’s fascinating that in such a short time, all three of these women have come into my life. And more than fascinating but encouraging, as I am a firm believer that surrounding onself with empowered women benefits not only personal goals but professional ones as well.

I have asked them all about their schooling and certifications, how they are planning to integrate their learning into their work places, and whether or not they will be utilizing these skills on a full or part time basis. For the two in the medical field, they truly believe that soon, life coaching will be a service covered by medical/health insurance as the price of coaching can be expensive and at the same time, it’s value is equal to that of therapy. Therapy has much value to those truly vested in it, but when one is looking for an expedient path or a path not psychologically based, working with a life coach is an excellent alternative. Case in point is the work being done by the woman in the career development path…this is simply utilizing existing skills that someone has, taking aptitude tests so as to see where the person’s skills lie, and embracing all that information to build a career path and/or destination through schooling and work.

Based on my own assessment of all this information, and my belief in today’s women needing a strong base and group of resources to pull from, I can stand firm in knowing this field has been brought to me for a reason. I have always wanted to provide a foundation type program to women in my area, providing connections and networks and opportunities for these women to become a part of in order to better their own lives. I am well connected in the staffing world, well connected with area employers, am comfortable talking with people individually and in groups, and believe my life experience has something more to offer than just my day to day data entry type work. That being said, I know that my journey is not only driving me to further my writing and photography, but to become involved in coaching.

I’ve begun looking into different coaching programs, different opportunities in the area, trying to determine if I need a formal degree in counseling to lend credibility to coaching, who my audience would be, and how I might connect with that network. As an avid reader, listening to the voices of strong women whose words have inspired and empowered me so many times, I believe that those words should not be spoken in vain. I know that those voices are all but yelling at me right now, telling me to listen to that inner voice and trust what it is saying, what feelings it is sending to my brain, and to follow in the direction I am walking. Through my news about breast cancer, it is as if my priorities lined right up, and long locked doors are opening before me as if they have always been open. It’s a staggering and empowering message of hope, dreams, and goals finally being attained.


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4 thoughts on “The Healing Journey … Chapter 7

  1. amommasview November 3, 2014 at 9:22 PM Reply

    If you don’t need one, don’t waste your money on it. A friend of mine did and she is not the same anymore. She was able to give me advice. Now I feel it’s all “ready made”. And she actually has no work at all in this field anymore… But then… There are so many out there… Maybe there is something to it…

  2. A Maine Mama November 3, 2014 at 9:33 PM Reply

    I dont need a coach, at least not right now. But i find the field interesting, so many angles and uses in todays world. Sometimes that outside voice can assist in building an outline or help create a plan…perspective, timing, obstacles….they all play a roll, you know? Its just got me thinking….but thank you for your insight, and im sorry to hear your friend had a bad experience with the whole thing.

  3. Laurilee Hurley, M.Ed. November 10, 2014 at 3:26 PM Reply

    I feel honored that you can communicate about your journey so freely with other people and have shared it with me on this forum. I don’t know if this is me that you mention in this writing, but it feels like it is me with my new business and my career advising background. I do believe that the Universe brings us what we are meant to have and that signs that continue to show up, should be acknowledged. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with your health and wish you all the best with your recovery. I do believe that we need training to accomplish any new venture in life and that you should go with the education that you feel best fits your goal. I’d be happy to discuss your journey with you whenever you’d like to, but as I am new at starting a business, and am new to coaching I cannot mentor at this particular time in my career. Also, I am planning a group for women to work toward empowerment and growth and learning and it sounds like it might be something you’d be interested in joining, and I’d love to have you do that if you’d like to.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time or get more information on my web page or FB page, which tends to be updated more frequently at or Guided Path, LLC on FaceBook.
    I’m also planning to hold a class at Kittery Adult Education next semester for those people who wish to make a change in their life…
    First things first, get well and keep writing, you have a gift.
    Best Wishes
    Guided Path, LLC

    • A Maine Mama November 10, 2014 at 3:34 PM Reply

      Laurilee…it is indeed you mentioned in my writing along with a few others. I will definitely reach out for that Kittery course as i am ready to make a change. Thank you for the compliments on my writing. I look forward to talking soon!! -Kathy (MM)

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