Monthly Archives: January 2019

It’s about me….

It’s funny isn’t it, how we wait for years for something to come together and then, the stars line up and throw it right into the sweet spot of our glove. For years, I anxiously awaited an opportunity to move south, to find a career down south, and to live a life including but somehow free of my children. About four months ago, I made the move south, giving up a job I loved and starting something new. Ironically, I find myself happy that I made the move but desperately missing my kids and their drama, and working in a career that I love but am ready to begin breaking away from. It’s a compromise of some kind, I suppose, getting what I want and then seeing that it is glorious but not exactly what I had expected.

What I have found is that the move, beautiful…Charleston, SC a city of history, culture, tradition, art, creativity, and absolute beauty of both older and more contemporary styles. It is the kind of environment that speaks to every creative bone in my body, that awakened something deep inside me and speaking to and awakening that voice inside, and yet, because I must work, must honor my career and commitment, the voice is not being fed and the creativity feels stifled.

So here is what I have decided, I am working on a new writing project and have two angles I truly wish to explore. The first is how I became someone brave enough to walk away from everything and everyone I know to pursue my own life. and then, to pursue my love of writing, travel, and photography starting with an online course program and new website which I will be creating and feeding soon. I look forward to seeing that woman come alive on a page…to see the story be honor the women of strength who supported me and the woman of strength I have become. How did I get here, who built that foundation, and how did I know the foundation was enough to support me. They were amazing those women, and thank goodness my life was blessed enough to include and learn from them.

And the travel pieces? Well…I always wanted a life that would include travel. I spent years moving around the country with my husband and children, and still wished for opportunities to travel and see the world. At the time, while I was waiting for an opportunity to travel, I was traveling all along. I was looking for opportunities to experience life, to see new places, to visit new locations. I was living it all along. And now it is time for me to embrace those moments, to turn those pictorial memories into reality and share those experiences and moments. Long term goal? To write, travel, and photograph full time – we all have that dream don’t we? For me, I’m done waiting and my husband is onboard.

And that is the update, my latest journal entry and sharing of who I am and where I am at.