It’s coming together…

After seven years of pursuing my five year plan, Charleston has finally become home. No more snow, no more scraping windows. While it may be a bit cool during the Charleston winter mornings, it pales in comparison to the frigid temperatures of New England. That being said, I had a wonderful opportunity to begin a new career here as well, transitioning from one admission counselor role into another. While it has been a challenge to start over, to find my new place within my new role, the adventure has been worth it.

Most recently, being that I work in higher education, I have had a unique opportunity to return to school to pursue some goals. Based on where I am at academically and personally, it appears I have an additional three years before I can move on to the next chapter. I will be 50 then, have paid off a few bills, and move on to a remote yet fantastic career. I cannot disclose too much just yet, but I do know that it is within my sights to make this happen.

I talked to my daughter in law this evening, sharing with her my goals and plans. We broke down the various steps to move forward. We discussed the pros and cons of waiting out my path to complete the degrees vs jumping into something new now, foregoing the degrees, and thus not having the kind of credentials I want in my next chapter.

What is nice, however, is seeing that this goal is attainable. I can push through what I need to now in order to attain the success I want in my future. It is coming together. I can see it. It is viable. It is close!

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